FOSTA Newsletters 

October 2020


The members of the Friends of the Sandwich Town Archives (FOSTA) have been busy researching and adding material to our Facebook page and to our website. (


We know that everyone loves to look at old photos and we are adding a great many fascinating photos with identification. You will especially enjoy all the additions to the “Did You Know” section of the website.

Joan Osgood has written an absorbing piece on wolves in Sandwich, yes, wolves which drove farmers just crazy with the killing of their sheep and other livestock.


Kaethe Maguire has added sections to her History of the Mail in Sandwich. Do you recognize any of the old Sandwich names or places where post offices were set up around town?


We will kick off our annual appeal just after the election. Our goal this year is to be able to digitize more of our old Sandwich records and make them available over the NET to all.


Right now you can read the Sandwich Observer on line through a link on our website page under “Historic Newspapers” on the first page. The software is good and makes researching Sandwich in the 1800s to about 1900 very easy.


People reported everything to the newspaper in the ‘olden days’. No privacy then and there was no internet!  No visitor to town or a visit out of town by a local went unreported. Some of the material is downright hilarious, give it a try.

Kaethe O. Maguire-President of FOSTA.

Friends Of Sandwich Town Archives

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NOTICE: Beginning November 1st, 2020 The Archives will be located at Sand Hill Community Center, 16 Dewy Ave., Sandwich while the Library is being renovated. 

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