FOSTA Newsletters 

December 2020



Rather than toasting in the New Year on Dec. 31st I think we should all toast the END of 2020!

What a year it has been. On the whole we are pretty lucky to live in Sandwich in a relatively safe town where the virus, until recently, has been pretty tame. But the warning is out there now as we end this tough year, be safe, wear the hated mask and follow the rules!


FOSTA has managed to meet one way or another for just about every month. We continue on Zoom for January. We didn’t want to lose our momentum as I see some committees have sadly done, and we are pushing forward with our preservation work for our incredibly old and valuable documents for the benefit of all.


Have you ever read the Old Sandwich Observer on line, free thru both the Archives website and through the FOSTA website at  It is really fun to read the way life was in Sandwich from 1846 thru about 1899. While you are trapped inside this winter,  give it a try.


DO any of you remember the old Original Sandwich Broadsider weekly newspaper? It was created by Bill and Laurie Chase. We are hoping to turn those microfilmed pages into readable format thru digitizing. 


While the library has been relocated to the Sand Hill School and only a small selection of our archival material was allowed to follow our Archivist, Deb Rich, she is taking advantage of this down time to scan in many archival documents with the help of other librarians at the Sand Hill. This is the first essential step toward digitization of these precious materials.


People have asked if we are going to apply for a Community Preservation Act (CPA) grant for this digitizing. We certainly will and did apply and receive money to digitize the Sandwich Observer and hope to do the Sandwich Independent; however, the CPA amount of money has been greatly reduced now because our tax to support the CPA went from 3% to 2%, At a recent Town Meeting it was voted to use the 1% to help with our waste water problems. Under 3% you can only   participate in the first round of distribution of money for our Town. Only those who pay 3% as we used to, are eligible to participate in rounds 2 and 3. 


So…….we can certainly could use your help to modernize our archives. I hate to admit it, but we are far behind many towns in the process of digitizing our records. Any donations are appreciated and a check can be written and sent to FOSTA at P O Box 576 Sandwich 02563.


Best to all. Wishing you peace and good health.

Kaethe O. Maguire President of FOSTA.

Friends Of Sandwich Town Archives


NOTICE: Beginning November 1st, 2020 The Archives will be located at Sand Hill Community Center, 16 Dewey Ave., Sandwich while the Library is being renovated. 

You can reach the The Archives at 508 888-0625, ext. 302 or at