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April 2021

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to another Cape Cod version of Spring. Yes, I know, a mixed blessing. But, we are blessed with a good long lovely autumn!


I just received a report from our archivist, Deb Rich, on progress toward steps necessary to prepare for digitizing many of Sandwich’s precious old documents and newspaper films.


The hard-working librarians, all in their temporary quarters at the Sand Hill School on Dewey Avenue, are making wonderful inroads into having all documents scanned in preparation of digitizing. This includes a few items with which you may be familiar. The Percival Diary and the Freeman Diary, both full of personal first-hand accounts of life in Sandwich a so very long ago, are being made ready for digitizing.


Also, the extremely useful “Family Sheets” created by former Archivist, Barbara Luksanen Gill, will be scanned individually. These are so important to people who come from out of state away to research their old Sandwich roots. We hope to be able to post them by Family Surname.


Deb has settled on a good highly rated company to do all this digitizing work; however, they want the all the materials to be digitized all at once, so we must wait until this summer to be able to gather together all the old newspaper films now in storage. This will include the old Broadsider from the 1970s and ‘80s.


As you probably know, much of the whole library is in storage while the renovation is going on at 142 Main Street. The target date for the work to be completed is August.


I hope you are taking the time to check the website updates. We just added my story on the first Quaker Meeting House in East Sandwich after the arrival of a few Quakers from England to spread the word. Since Sandwich was not ultra conservative Puritan Boston or Plymouth, the people were open to new, more tolerant ideas. Check it out under our “Did You Know” section at yes, there are a few old photos from 1885. I know how you all love old photos! Who doesn’t?


Best to All.

Kaethe O. Maguire

President of the Friends of the Sandwich Town Archives  (FOSTA).

Friends Of Sandwich Town Archives


NOTICE: Beginning November 1st, 2020 the Archives will be located at Sand Hill Community Center, 16 Dewey Ave., Sandwich while the Library is being renovated. 

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