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Oral History

 "Tell Me A Story" is a series of oral history interviews with notable Sandwich residents.


“Tell Me a Story” is brought to you by the Friends of the Sandwich Town Archives (FOSTA) in collaboration with Sandwich Community Television (SCTV).

Enjoy these two new, recently added videos.

Interview Margaret "Muzzie" Alvezi Richter

This is an original audio tape from 2004 featuring Carolyn Crowell interviewing Margaret “Muzzie” Alvezi Richter. We thank Sandwich Community TV for their technical expertise in making this into a video tape by inserting pictures  given us from the Alvezi Family and our Town Archives.

Interview with Augusta Josephine Canary Hoey

This audio, recorded in 1977, has been transformed by SCTV into a video with inserted photos found in our Archives. The video features Sandwich native Augusta Hoey being interviewed by Ernestine Gray of Tales of Cape Cod, an organization dedicated to preserving history through interviews with “old time Cape Codders”. 

Howard "Fizzy" Crowell

Sandwich lost a beloved citizen this past February of 2021. Howard P. Crowell, 96, was born and lived his whole life on Crow Farm, which he ran for over 65 years. We are very lucky to have had the chance to talk to Howard months before his passing about his life and memories of Sandwich. Watch as Bill Daley interviews Howard in three parts

And thanks to SCTV!

Interview with Anita Caron Bangs 11/14/17

Interview with Barbara Bassett 9/18/17

Interview with Carol Melix Bess

and Vivian Melix Cushing 11/6/17

Interview with Connie Crocker Carr 7/12/17

Interview with Sylvia Alvezi Connor

and Linda Alvezi Crocker 8/4/17

Interview with Carolyn Crowell 11/10/16

Interview with Rosanna White Cullity* and John Cullity 3/16/18

Interview with Barbara Luksenan Gill*  11/9/16

Interview with Julia "Judy" Casperson Hendy* 10/30/17

Interview with Janet and Eddie MacLean 1/24/19

Kathy Knowles Ellis, Jim Ellis & Matt Ellis        10/29/19

Interview with Clyde Gill 11/9/16

Interview with Barbara Morrow Gates 3/15/18

Interview with Charlotte French Hart 4/30/18

Interview with Edith Hall Huck 9/10/18

Interview with Carol "Jill" Jillson* 7/26/17

Interview with Carol Tellegren Foster  4/25/17

Interview with Jim Pierce and Susan Pierce Doucette 9/16/19

* We sadly lost Carol "Jill Jillson 9/14/17, Barbara Luksanen Gill 9/28/19, Rosanna White Cullity 11/19/19, Howard P. "Fizzy" Crowell 2/1/21,

Julia "Judy" Casperson Hendy 5/6/21 and Edith Hall Huck 7/22/22.

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