Oral History

The Friends of the Sandwich Town Archives, with the cooperation of Sandwich Community Television, recently began "Tell Me A Story", a series of oral history interviews with notable Sandwich residents. Enjoy these videos.

Interview with Anita Caron Bangs 11/14/17

Interview with Barbara Bassett 9/18/17

Interview with Carol Melix Bess

and Vivian Melix Cushing 11/6/17

Interview with Connie Crocker Carr 7/12/17

Interview with Sylvia Alvezi Connor

and Linda Alvezi Crocker 8/4/17

Interview with Carolyn Crowell 11/10/16

Interview with Rosanna White Cullity* and John Cullity 3/16/18

Interview with Barbara Luksenan Gill*  11/9/16

Interview with Julia "Judy" Casperson Hendy 10/30/17

Interview with Janet and Eddie MacLean 1/24/19

Kathy Knowles Ellis, Jim Ellis & Matt Ellis        10/29/19

Interview with Clyde Gill 11/9/16

Interview with Barbara Morrow Gates 3/15/18

Interview with Charlotte French Hart 4/30/18

Interview with Edith Hall Huck 9/10/18

Interview with Carol "Jill" Jillson* 7/26/17

Interview with Carol Tellegren Foster  4/25/17

Interview with Jim Pierce and Susan Pierce Doucette 9/16/19

* We sadly lost Carol "Jill Jillson 9/14/17, Barbara Luksanen Gill 9/28/19 and Rosanna White Cullity 11/19/19.

Friends Of Sandwich Town Archives

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