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Robert A. Hammond Family

Although born in Provincetown, Robert Hammond spent most of his adult life in East Sandwich at his home with his wife, Nellie and daughter Mary who became "a lady doctor".


The home located at the corner of Route 6A and Torrey Rd. stands today, however changed, as the office of the River View School.

Robert E. Hammond shown here with his wife, Nellie Jones.

Circa 1905, photo courtesy of John Nye Cullity.

The fairly new Hammond home shown here with Robert and Nellie's young daughter Mary Hammond and friends.

Mary Hammond (right) became a doctor of medicine. She is seen here with Ida Putnam, who started the Green Briar Jam Kitchen. Circa 1920, photo courtesy of John Nye Cullity."

The Hammond home still stands as the oldest building at Riverview School, nearest Route 6A. 

According to the “A Sandwich Album” the tower up in back, now restored as a home, was a summer private school for a few children including his own daughter, Mary who died in 1963.

Beneath the tower was a cistern that supplied water by gravity to the house and farm below.  Well water was pumped up there by a windmill at the edge of the marsh.


 Hammond was an innovative manufacturer, builder, and he had an orange grove in Florida. He died in 1915.

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