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A Sweet Memory

By Barbara Bangs MacNeil

Do you remember about 34 years ago, Sandwich celebrated its 350th birthday? My thoughts bring me back to a 350-foot long birthday cake baked at MacNeil’s Bakery, as a fundraiser for the celebration.

The cake was baked and iced by the bakery staff, and then taken to the freezers at the H. T. Wing School. On August 8, 1987, the morning of the celebration, a team of 20 volunteers started transporting the cake pieces, including a 4-tier centerpiece cake to the Sandwich High School soccer field, where it was assembled, using tables from the cafeteria.

There was an official from the Guinness Book of Records present, who measured the cake – officially 351 feet, 2¾ inches. We held the world record for the longest cake until Disney created a longer cake later that year.

The cake was sold for $50 per foot and the donors’ names were written in icing on their portion of the cake. The cake raised over $10,000 to help finance the 10-day celebration.


Residents check out the 350-foot long cake that MacNeil’s Bakery created for the town’s 350th birthday celebration.

After the 350 candles were lit, and “Happy Birthday” was sung, the cake was cut for all to enjoy. People that had bought a foot had it boxed to take home. There was plenty to go around!

To create this masterpiece, it took:

  • 250 pounds of flour

  • 13½ pounds of powdered milk

  • 1⅞ pounds of salt

  • 9½ pounds of baking powder

  • 75 pounds of high-ratio shortening

  • 157½ pounds of cake flour

  • 120 pounds of water

  • 97½ pounds of eggs

  • 30 ounces of vanilla

  • 450 pounds of icing

I remember it very well with much thanks and appreciation for the efforts of all the staff and volunteers to make this such a special birthday for all!

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