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Early Postal Service in Sandwich - Part 6

Early 1900s - Post Office Square

By Kaethe O’Keefe Maguire


A vast expanse of space between Jarves and Main was named "Post Office Square". Parades on festive days like the 4th of July moved with bands and horses and veterans in uniform back and forth between Town Hall Square and Post office Square.

In the map below taken from the 1880 Atlas of Barnstable County, the red arrow shows that the post office was located in the back of the F.S. Pope Store and Printing Office building on the corner of Main and Jarves Streets where the white two story building stands today. (See following photos.)

Post office square876.jpg
Photo #4 The BUttner building. Was a bui

Above are then and now photos of of the location where the post office was located at the corner of Main and Jarves Streets facing east with Jarves Street to the left. The original post office building was later replaced with the white building we see today. 


This lovely post card depicts early 1900s Post Office Square (with the post office on the left) looking down Main Street to the east. You can see the steeple of St John's church above left. The building on the left is now the white two-story building shown in the above right photo. Jarves Street on the left.

unnamed (1).jpg

Post Office Square facing Main Street heading west towards Town Hall, with Jarves Street to the right, 

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