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The Post Office Series

Early Postal Service in Sandwich

When the members of FOSTA were first planning and hoping for a website of our own that was easily accessible to all, we tried to think of historic items or events that may interest the public.


I had numerous conversations with retired archivist, Barbara Gill, over the phone for ideas. Frankly, I called Barbara at least once a week for tons of questions regarding our local history since the woman had a computer covering 375 years in her head!


It was Barbara who pointed out that many people arriving here maybe in the ‘80s had no idea of our history and we should target residents who might not have read Russell Lovell’s Tome, Sandwich, A Cape Cod Town, which is the bible for me.  Barbara said that even in the recent past post offices, mostly run by women in all parts of town, were in the homes of  the post mistress or post masters.  Many of these people also ran a store from the same address. This opened a whole new line of research for me and it has been an exciting journey. Hope you enjoy the photos and the text by clicking the links below.


Kaethe O. Maguire

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