FOSTA Monthly Newsletters 


May 2022 Newsletter 

Did you read Sandwich native Chip Hamlen’s article on the Sugar Bowl ice cream parlor on Jarves St which functioned from the 1930’s until sometime in the 1950’s? Wonderful article with photos. If you missed it in the Sandwich Enterprise it is forever available on the Friends of the Sandwich Town Archives (FOSTA) website


I am now researching former factories that filled our Shawme Pond in the ‘olden days’. It was then called Shawme Lake even tho it began as a kettle pond. I was inspired to begin this research when a long time Sandwich resident asked me if there were any factories that used the natural water power of the upper pond, harnessed by a dam dating from about 1812. I realized that perhaps many Sandwich residents did not know about this booming industry that thrived before there was such a thing as electricity.  So that article with photos will be coming sometime in May to our website and the Sandwich Enterprise.


As  You probably know, a long-time goal for FOSTA is to digitize important historic resources of the past like old newspapers. We have some remaining CPA money which we are using for this purpose and then I am applying to the Cape Cod 5 for a small grant and will once again to back to the Community Preservation Committee for another grant to continue this work.


Additionally, we are working on precious old oral history tapes  of now passed Sandwich residents, hoping to restore them to a form that can successfully heard. Ultimately, they should be transcribed. We are always looking for volunteers to work with Deb in the archives even if you are not inclined to join our jolly group on FOSTA.


Happy Spring at last to all!

Kaethe O. Maguire – President of FOSTA


April 2022 Newsletter 


I know they say April showers bring May flowers, but I for one am a bit sick of the cold rain on dismal looking days, broken only intermittently by some lovely sun. So let’s hope for May flowers sooner rather than later even tho I know we are about 3 weeks behind Boston for spring Blooms.


Sandwich native, Chip Hamlen, has been working on a piece for our website and the monthly Sandwich Enterprise  article about an ice cream parlor on upper Jarves Street called appropriately, “The Sugar Bowl” complete with some great old photos of the Dipietro family who started and ran this haven for the young and old of the town from the 1930’s into the early 1950’s.


The Friends of the Sandwich Town Archives (FOSTA) are still looking for one or two people who love Sandwich history and would like to join our jolly team to help preserve our Sandwich Town Archives. We meet  once a month with food and drink.


Also on another note, I have one or two small islands that need new planters this year for the Beautify a Traffic Island Program if anyone is interested. Contact me at


The Visitor Services Board, so ably chaired my Heidi Trottier, provides the funds for the new signs needed every year for new Planters as the islands sometimes ‘turn over’. Plus ,Donna Kutil of Scenic Roots provides a discount on plants and hardware for all participants in this program.


Another Sandwich native, John Nye Cullity, continues to be our savior Sandwich history wise. Is there anything this man does not know? John and his knowledge are rare gifts to our town.


John is donating the very early Village Broadsider paper copies to the Archives that can be scanned and then digitized as part of our effort to digitize the whole early original Broadsider , created by Bill and Laurie Chase, to make it available to all.


This effort is funded by a CPA grant. We hope to bring all the old Sandwich newspaper to you in digital form in the near future. Meanwhile, the Sturgis Library in Barnstable Village has a wonderful on-line link to many of the old Cape newspapers for anyone doing serious research.

Kaethe O. Maguire-president of FOSTA


March 2022 Newsletter 

Yes, it is nice to see the sun some of these days, but there is still snow on the ground, so I cannot call this Spring. I know we have had some doozies of snow storms in March, but we have had enough…let those storms pass us by now.

Remember, the Friends of the Sandwich Town Archives, FOSTA, is looking for a couple of good people to help with our effort to support the Town Archives. We meet once a month either in the library or at my house. And yes, I provide a snack and beverages. So if you love your town, and you love Sandwich history, we might be a perfect fit for you.

We have just mailed out our annual Appeal to support the work of the archives. Right now we are focusing on digitizing. We are hoping to ‘re-master’ for lack of a better word, some old precious oral history takes and make them available to the public on our website. We have found some wonderful technicians to make this possible, but of course, it all costs money.

Additionally, we are ready to send away more films of old newspapers for digitizing and make public to all of you. These old newspapers are an invaluable source for research for Sandwich history.

All donations can be made right here at our website or sent to FOSTA at P. O. Box 776, Sandwich, MA, 02563. Your support is so appreciated and vital to our preserving our Town’s history.

Thank you and think daffodils!

Kaethe O. Maguire-president of FOSTA.


February 2022 Newsletter 


As I begin to draft this letter it is January 29th and we are having the blizzard of the season. Or I should say, let’s hope this is the only such storm of the season.


I did have a 7AM email from Eversource telling me that they know that we out here on Scorton Neck were already experiencing power outages. Nice that they let us know that they know. It would have been an easy guess. We lose power out here every time it spits outside.


Those of you who are native to the Cape or have been here for a while know that the ‘old salts’ would never live right on the water unless they were so poor that had nowhere else to go. My poor old Great grandparents in Woods Hole lived on Eel Pond because that was all they could afford and yes, they were regularly flooded out with every hurricane.


So why do we build right on the water? Didn’t learn our lesson I guess. Scary photos of houses about to tumble into the ocean in Truro in today’s Cape Cod Times. And then we have the catastrophes of Town Neck and Salt Marsh Road.


I hope by now you have been able to see Joan Russell Osgood’s excellent video on our website at: about the infamous death and probable murder of well-regarded native Sandwich son, Eugene Haines. If you haven’t found the time yet, do so and you will not be disappointed.


Bill Daley has a well-researched article on Marise Fawsett, artist and former owner of the Christmas Shop on route 6A in East Sandwich, newly posted on our website as well. Additionally personal reminiscences by Pam Reynolds Jenkins, who worked with Marise, are included.


The volunteers of the Friends of the Sandwich Town Archives (FOSTA) have been working hard preparing a trifold mail out for our annual appeal to support the Town Archives. So, be expecting a note in the mail pretty soon.


We depend on all of you to keep our archives as a valuable research not only for our residents, but for the many who visit our lovely Town to research their history.


Your generosity enables us to digitize ancient newspapers that are so important to researchers. I use these gems, which include the Yarmouth Register,  Chatham Monitor, Barnstable Patriot, etc. all the time when I am researching for the articles that appear on our website and in the weekly Sandwich Enterprise.


However, I have to access them from the Sturgis Library or some other source. It is time for Sandwich to digitize more of its newspapers which are now on film only.


Remember the Sandwich Observer is already on our website as well as the Archives website under the Library site. The Sandwich Observer began about 1840. All these newspapers were published in the 1800’s through the early 1900’s, 


Stay warm, wear your mask and be well.


Kaethe O’Keefe Maguire

President of FOSTA.


January Newsletter 2022


Hi Everyone,


I am late with this newsletter and I write the night before our supposed first big snow storm of the season, but then the weather people forecast the same  thing last week and we awoke to bare ground that remained that way all day! So time will tell.

Most of all, I am wishing all of you a safe, healthy, fully vaccinated January.

Dave Mason, our long time Health Agent and home-grown  JJ Burke, our fire chief,  have resumed their former Covid reports now. I listen carefully and they can easily be found on the Town of Sandwich website. These guys are not only the calm voices of reasons but they back up what they say with credible research. Who ever thought we would be dealing with this virus for 3 years so far? 


FOSTA is now beginning preparations for our Plans and Goals for 2022 as well as our annual appeal kick off to benefit our Sandwich Town Archives. I recommend you browse  our FOSTA website to see all the hard-working volunteers to make this group possible.


We are looking for one or two more working members. All you need is a love for Sandwich history. We meet at 1 pm on the third Tuesday of the month at the Sandwich Public Library and we try to book a room where we can have a ‘cuppa’ and a cookie. I provide the cookie. This is a casual, friendly group, but their dedication is very solid. Contact our Town Archivist, Deb Rich at 08 888-0625, ext. 302 if you'd like to join us.


I write one article a month for our website and Facebook page as well as for the Sandwich Enterprise. It is a labor of love, but if anyone out there also has a love of research and likes to write, your input would be very welcome.


Best to all, Kaethe O. Maguire-President of FOSTA.