FOSTA Monthly Newsletters 

October 2021


Is it finally fall? One can hardly tell from the humidity, the lack of glorious colored leaves, and the absence of chill in the air. Oh well, they say it will all come, just a bit late, like 3 weeks late!


FOSTA members have been working hard on research and writing. We are hoping Joan Russell Osgood’s video history of the murder of beloved Sandwich resident, Eugene Haines, will be finally finished and released on our website. It has needed some technical tweaking.


I have taken to researching and writing about a couple of my 9th great grand fathers who were early settlers in Sandwich; namely William Swift and George Allen from whom all the Allen early Quakers descended. I hope you find these two characters interesting.


I continue to be amazed by the bravery of these whole families who got on a boat, most unpleasant in itself, to cross the wide ocean to an unknown future. It reminds me of some of today’s refugees. It takes real courage to leave your homeland for an uncertain future.


We held our annual elections at our September meeting. We had voted earlier to add the office of Vice President to our list of FOSTA officers. So now Joan will be Vice President, and Jean Bondarek, former secretary to the Select Board, will be our able secretary. Sue Driscoll will continue as our amazing treasurer and I seem to relegated to the presidency for at least one more year.


It is almost too late to remind you that we will be participating in the long-awaited October 2nd Sandwich Fest in the Sandwich Village. We will be selling the following to benefit the Town Archives:  the new edition of the Russell Lovell Sandwich, A Cape Cod Town, two versions of the Jenny Jones map, color and black and white, showing Sandwich Village in 1825 when the Glass Works first opened, a new batch of Marise Fawsett’s beloved mice Christmas cards and the beautiful Sandwich resident, water colorist, Dodge Macknight’s “The Kitchen Garden” prints.

Remember, Ann at Picture This in Merchant’s Square gives a 20% discount on any of the FOSTA prints to be framed at her shop.


These items will also be available for sale at the Archives in the Sandwich Public Library.

Happy Autumn to all!  Kaethe O. Maguire

September 2021


Happy almost autumn. Boy after this weird weather we all will be ready to see an end of summer. Tornados on Cape Cod? Who ever heard of that? We all received those annoying, but scary phone alerts all night long.

Some of the board members of the Friends of the Archives happily toured the early opening of the renovated Sandwich Public Library. A very nice party indeed. If we return to meeting at the new archives room, we actually have a huge new table, with matching chairs!

Even during the last big Covid flare up we managed to meet via zoom and then at my house in East Sandwich. I am so grateful for this dedicated group of volunteers. You can see us all on our website at

We are now gearing up for the happily anticipated Sandwich Fest on Oct. 2nd. Hope for good weather!

We will have a few important Sandwich history lover items to sell to benefit the Sandwich Town Archives. Look for our tiny tent wherever they place us. We will have a bowl of candy out front for the taking!

This year we have items from two favorite Sandwich artists. Marise Fawsett Christmas Card images will be on sale and although we have only a few unsold prints left of the popular Sandwich watercolor artist Dodge MacKnight’s “The Kitchen Garden“, we will bring what we have to the Sandwich Fest.

We always have the updated Russell Lovell book, "Sandwich, A Cape Cod Town". It makes a great Christmas gift for the history lover.

You can also purchase these gifts right here on our website.

Additionally, we will have the charming Jenny Jones Map created to depict Sandwich in 1825, the year the Glass Works opened for the 350 year Sandwich Anniversary celebration. The colorful map was restored at Northeast Conservation Document Center in North Andover and printed for sale. We also offer it in Black and White.

Hope to see you there at this much needed festive occasion .

Kaethe O.Maguire-President of the Friends of the Sandwich Town Archives.

August 2021

Hello Sandwich History Lovers!


What a crazy summer weather wise. Oh well, if weather goes into a more normal pattern we should begin to have glorious early autumn weather after August 15th. I keep waiting for great native tomatoes. Mine have been very disappointing this year. Hope yours are better.


As you know the Archives is about to move back into the Library. Our main room will be behind what you knew as the Children’s Room in the old 1909 original section of the Library. Our files will be in the basement. I am not sure how that is going to be managed.


FOSTA, has managed to meet just about every month through Covid. It is a very dedicated group of history and Sandwich loving people.


Just to give you the heads up, FOSTA will be participating in the happily anticipated Sandwich Fest on October 2nd. This year we are selling two of the favorite Marise Fawsett mouse Xmas card scenes. We also have a few of the former 5 different mouse card views to sell.


We are almost sold out of the Dodge Macknight “The Kitchen Garden” prints, but have some small ones left which will be available for sale.


Additionally, we will have the bible of Sandwich history, Sandwich, A Cape Cod Town by the late Sandwich Historian, Russell A. Lovell Jr. which FOSTA managed to update with Russell’s help, and bring back to print.


Everyone loves maps of Sandwich and we try to keep them coming through restoration and then print for sale to the public. We still have some color and B&W white copies of the Jenny Jones map beautifully painted in water colors and created to celebrate the Sandwich Town Anniversary in 1939. This map reflects Sandwich around 1825 with the dawn of the all-important Boston and Sandwich Glass Works.


Don't forget to look for our monthly feature, "From the Archives", in the Sandwich Enterprise published every 2nd Friday, this month's story will conclude the unsolved mystery of "Who Burned Down The Freeman Farm House". You'll find many more interesting stories at our website: using the "From the Archive's" link.

One new story in the onset will cover the first Catholic Church on Cape Cod, founded in Jarvesville after so many glass artisans arrived in Sandwich who happened to be of the Catholic faith. The first churches were built and destroyed by situations unplanned and like a phoenix, they kept coming back.


Another in the works and coming soon covers the Sandwich Alms House, more commonly known here as the Poor Farm, then located on Charles St adjacent to the Crowell Farm fields.


Happy end of summer to all,


Kaethe O. Maguire-president of the Friends of the Sandwich Town Archives.

St. Peters.JPG

July 2021

Happy Summer! And it certainly is summer weather. Matter of fact, I think we have locked in August humidity in early July. Many of us now have a house full of guests for July 4th and all inside weather! Not the way we hoped it would be!


On a brighter note Joan Osgood and archivist Deb Rich have found a man who is able to transform our old oral history tapes from the 1970s.  We hope to eventually be able to bring these restored tapes of many well-known Sandwich characters who are no longer with us to you through our website. soon.


Long time archives volunteer, John Walker, has joined the Friends of the Sandwich Town Archives (FOSTA) and boy are we happy to have his research skills and lifelong Sandwich experiences. We are still in need of at least one more member to add to our happy crew of workers.


I am sorry that the mystery of the arson of the landmark Freeman Farm home is so spread out over weeks in the Sandwich Enterprise, but stick with it on our website and in the newspaper, there will be wonderful pictures of the fire in parts 2 and 3.


I am now researching the old Sandwich Alms House, or sometimes called a “Poor House”. Each town had the responsibility of caring for their poor with proper housing and food. Sandwich was no exception. The Sandwich Alms House and farm was on the grounds of some of the Crowell family homes on Charles Street. Carolyn Crowell, with whom I have been meeting and talking on the phone, did much research on the Alms House and published articles in the old original Sandwich Broadsider which Carolyn kindly made available to me. The Alms house closed in the early 1900’s. Look for an article all about this soon on our web 

Joan Osgood is also working on a story of Alice Cooke who is primarily known as “Aunt Sally” in Thornton Burgess’ writings and a friend to all animals, but as Joan will explain, she was also a friend to the mentally ill. In the late 1800’s she took women into her home who had some sort of mental illness and was certified as a caretaker of these women by the State.


So this will explore a whole new side of this amazing woman who lived at the corner of Route 6A and Gully Lane in the 1760 Peleg Nye home, now suffering from severe neglect. Seen here.

238 rt 6a.JPG

Some of us met with the recipient of our 2021 the Barbara L Gill scholarship, Bridget Gleason, to award her the $1,000 check. Look for a photo of that in the Sandwich Enterprise soon. With the passing of Judy Hendy, Barbara’s lifelong friend and a member of FOSTA, Joan Russell Osgood, Barbara MacNeil and John Walker have agreed to take over the running of that Scholarship Program.



Happy summer to all.

Kaethe O. Maguire - President of FOSTA