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Sandwich Newspapers 1846-1999

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Some years back the CPC (Community Preservation Committee for the CPA) awarded FOSTA with a grant of approximately $17,000, funds from which we've used to digitize an entire list of old Sandwich newspapers covering the years from 1846 to 1938.


We now are pleased to have added links below to issues of the original Sandwich Broadsider created by Bill and Laurie Chase of Sandwich, who owned this paper from 1974 to 1986. There are 21 reels of film which also include film for 1987 to June of 1999, when the paper was owned by Memorial Press Group.


The Chases kindly donated films of the Broadsider to the Archives years ago when they sold the newspaper.


Filming is the first step toward digitizing, so when we have a set of valuable information, it is a bonus if it is already filmed.

Click on any of the links below and start browsing!

​​Sandwich Observer

(1846-1851)   959 Pages

​The Seaside Press 

(1873-1880)   1,453 Pages

The Sandwich Observer

(1884-1899)   2,850 Pages

The Independent

(1895-1908)   3,522 Pages

The Sandwich Independent
(1908-1931)   8,868 Pages

Cape Cod News

(1932-1938)   2,613 Pages

Village Broadsider

(1974-1988)   16,981 Pages

Sandwich Broadsider

(1988-1999)   21,743 Pages

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